I purchased my puppy on January 18th, and honestly was the best decision ever. I am so in love with my dog. The breeder was super awesome and worked so well with us because we made the payment through a money service and was a bit scared even after the assurance, he gave us until our baby was delivered to us. It was literally the best decision! I will definitely purchase another dog from this website.


We have been looking for a puppy and came across this wonderful site and immediately fell in love with Roxy and Bob, so we decided to call about these puppies and were happy to hear that they still had them available. We were curious about how to get them, but it was so easy after we paid for them and they were delivered yesterday evening by a nice-looking gentleman from the shipping company. We promise to love our babies and spoil them forever.


We have three dogs from here. All of them are doing great. We got very good service and I tell everyone about this place. The people are great and caring. Our dogs are healthy and well. It’s a great help when all of the first-year shots etc. are covered. You have a great place to take them for spaying. We love it here and wish we could get another but three is enough for now. All purchased here.


We had a very great experience with my Epic French Bulldog Puppy Home, They did everything possible to help us get a dog. We couldn’t be happier with the puppy we got. Thank you for the wonderful experience.


Carlo is such a wonderful pup, confident, curious, quick to learn, and exceptionally well-behaved. Nothing seems to faze him. He’s growing like crazy and really getting his legs under him. I must get some good photos before he is too much bigger, and I will be sure to forward some along to you. We are all so happy with him, he’s an incredible dog, thank you.


It was so nice to finally meet you guys, and thanks so much for showing us around. Your nursery is very nice and looks like it is going to work out great! We named our Frenchie baby Dakoda. Caiden is thrilled with him, she tries to comfort him and play with him. We made a pretty good time and we were home by 8 pm. He did very well last night. I put him in the dog area and divided it off. So he was with Caiden and Cody but had his own space. He whimpered for about 5 min. and was asleep. Thanks so much and I will keep you updated, he is a sweetheart! Thank you so much and have a great Thanksgiving!


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We normally sell our puppies at three months of age accompanied with a certificate of good health. We register and sell our pet/companion puppies on a Non-breeding contract that is we only sell to homes that will not at a later time breed our pets for any reason without our approval.